Murree Hill Station

  • Murree Hill Station
Murree in Pakistan's most popular hill station. Murree 33 54'30 "north latitude 73 26 Tokyo 7500 feet in the foothills of the Himalayas (2286 m) above sea level, a pleasant 50 km northeast of Islamabad in Pakistan's capital. Murree Sani Rotary Agar (U.S. nursing homes), originally known as the British medical space capabilities naengryanghan and being elected to the climate, the entire Indian subcontinent, established in the foothills of the Himalayan hill station was one of the many. It's been 2 other important hill stations of Punjab is a state of Shimura Hamachal Pardesh in India will be Hyundai. Murree and Shimura is more accessible from the Punjab plains, stains, replace it in the summer of 1875 to served as the capital.

Murree and 33.35 'north latitude and 73 located in the outer Himalayas, the mountains that form part of, is. 27 'east longitude. It consists of 4 super is growing. And best of all from a height of 7500 feet is located in the City itself to Murree. Other Patriata, Kuldana and see garbage included. It is surrounded by the Jehlum River to the east, northwest, southwest of Islamabad, the metropolitan area, Southern area of Rawalpindi, Kotli Sattian Tehsil (go) ahbottabadogwa Heripur country's northwest frontier region. Murree town locations such as commercial and administrative agencies around the city and the main road running along with shopping centers, churches, and was built according to European cities. Now and then a shopping center is still the center of attraction. Non-European independence in 1947 until the shopping center did not allow access to.

Historians vary depending on the origin of the name Murree. According to one theory, Murree ridge, meaning is derived from the name of the local Marrhi. According to the other, means that pastures are derived from the mound nose harness. This region has a significant influence of Turkish culture may be far from reality. Number of words in the local dialect in Turkey is generated. Most of the valley will be used to send the hills above the meadows and fields used to grow crops for the season, the historically non-residents. While in Turkey over the centuries Marq contact with the British at the start of this area used the spelling might be a horses. This is the current spelling was adopted in 1875 was only the Murree.

According to yet is one of the best places around Murree ppindippointoeseo is known to be buried or Virgin Hazrat Marriam marriage, other explanations are derived from the name. How to talk to the vision of God's divine intervention to remove the grave to stop the construction workers is about abundance. For a description of any of the names before the advent of the British yards could see something that seems beyond. Murree is known today as the entire region in 1846 and before the British occupation of areas to have had the same name, the record does not show that. Sikh rule in Afghanistan, as well as the space between the name and jokyiragohaetseupnida same format. Tehsil Murree and that it was created in 1850 in Rawalpindi, Murree district, including hajara Hill Road, after the previous.

At that time, it is 5 fields or 'Phulgran, Charhan, Dewal, Kotli and Karor divided into the Ilakas consisted of 92 villages. Boy in the river Jehlum and Kunhar Khapur territory includes the confluence of the Murree and Kahuta in 1831, along with Raja pf nyeonehago Tues of the ruthless domination of rubber placed on the part of the space, but are sent back to Rawalpindi and hajara Region had been reared in. Pulgran a few times later be transferred to the Tehsil of Rawalpindi, the capital of the territory now part of dew is formed. Karor ilaka of the 1990s, some village Kotli Kotli Sattian Tehsil was separated to form.

It is this part of India since 1850 after taking on the Murree hill station that was built by the British colonial government. Umi Las ppindippointo the Kashmir lies between points. The name of Kashmir, Kashmir on points accumulated snow himarayappiruppanjyaru head and give a panoramic view of the scope ppindippointoeun the capital, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, adjacent to and overlooking. Bansragalli ppindippointoeun a three kilometer ride to the lifts can be enjoyed as well, Rawalpindi, Islamabad hajara people can enjoy the panoramic view of mountains.

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