How to make Gmail Account

  • How to make Gmail Account
This article describes how to open now for everyone to create a free Gmail account in detail. Beginners step-by-step online warehouse for free on Google using the copy mechanism service allows you to create your own email address.

However, in a free Gmail account, you must have less than 5 minutes to create this document are written for beginners.

Google and Gmail is a free Web-based e-mail service of them begin with fanfare, 100% free, but from the beginning, using a two's special invitation to Gmail account can be created. Have a Gmail account if you know what, you can request to send you an invitation ... Other well hard luck.  All of the other part of the service, while providing an e-mail 1GB (gigabyte) of storage space to provide a Gmail e-mail address was in high demand for. Anyway, after several years, Google Gmail opened the door for everyone ... Create an account or did not need a special invitation.

Note: In time of writing the article, Google's free email service Gmail is also achieved some success, go a long way to confess that the underdeveloped, or is still in beta. Web users like to install more than one beta service, Windows Live Hotmail or Yahoo Mail as the "development" services.

Step 1 Gmail website and open it.

Click on the
Sign up for Gmail.

Step 2 - "Create Account" online form, enter all the required information.

Then click the link to apply, you need to input a few fields to create an account must show the form.

Now you must fill out the form. Enter a name for your performance and it is time to choose a login name. This e-mail address to get your decision is as important as the login name of a Gmail account, if you will Therefore, carefully choose a login name of the user name.

Step 3 - How to login or user name, email address, select

If you choose a login name is part art and part common sense. Your e-mail address in order to determine what will happen and that I was a good idea to spend some time on. E-mail address, you can have the same address, which means two people in the world must be unique, because you want to be able to use the login name does not guarantee that - the following for more information. The following is my advice and suggestions to choose your login name or user name that is used to.

Your first name - with gender more popular First name.Last name (eg, periods, symbols can be used as a login name) to the name, the, First Name, Last Name of the login name if you can somehow get your first check. Also, first name last name could examine. Search for your name, address, the fact that Gmail is very lucky to thousands of subscribers. However, if it has a relatively unusual name stands a good chance, because it is a common name like me, I do not try this - my first and last name.

If your name wrong, as long as you find a job and his name - john.webdeveloper such.

When you need a login name and catch the people that do not suffer, always imagining it, because it provides you to connect to. For example, the login name wisely, "Hell, - an angel" by selecting an accountant in a small town, if decent. rather a lot of good people - great place - in addition, I spend the day humming is a small town in North Carolina.

Of course, they are your company / firm name, except in some cases, the number of login names and their numbers do not use anything, my advice. Wrapped around his head and hugged you, they forget your email address each time you do not want to call - where there should be easy to remember the user name.

The availability of a login or user name text field, enter the first room can be confirmed by pressing the OK button.

Step 4 - Choose a password for an e-mail to Strong Gmail mail account using a password secure is essential. Your password is a combination of the safe key, you need to give the same amount that is important. Occurs in a few numbers, a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters is sufficiently strong password. The text on the right side of the field is set to indicate the strength of a password to a password, enter meters Sort in.

You need to enter the password two times and do not check the box "Do not forget me on this computer" in the state can keep.

Step 5 - Security tips to protect your Gmail account

Now, in a drop-down list of questions about security, or choose to enter one of - you must provide a response. For added security, if you've forgotten it to retrieve mail account's password is useful.

In addition, however, reserve the e-mail address by entering this field is optional, but it is empty, can be maintained ie and, of course, Gmail address, your first e-mail account, if there is an alternate email ID, you do not have one is.

Step 6 - Word Verification and Validation

If you enter an email address of the reserve - this can be left blank if you do not have one - your position in your field, your form will need to enter the characters shown in the image. Why is this necessary? Gmail is not so well as input from humans many automated programs to make sure you know.

Now all is set, you can go through the terms and conditions by clicking "I agree. Create my account." Creating a unique free Gmail account, click the button! Ten thousand and three to the celebration.

In the future to access your Gmail account, Web browser, using (link above) to see the Web site back to their user name (login name) and password to enter.
Gmail's e-mail address to get the solution of any problem

This account has been created by 2 people are facing is how to solve common problems:
I do not use the login name of choice

Gmail is a very popular service, the login name you choose may be unavailable. The only solution to this dilemma, various permutations of the Union attempt to work, come up with new ideas will keep brainstorming.
Failed to create a Gmail account

The message "Failed to create an account" will be following the same screen if you can get a dog.

The error message is the result of overtime, Gmail's spam filters! As mentioned in the help page, Gmail, if it exceeds a defined limit, the computer / connection to create e-mail address is denied. Class or group of addresses, such as trying to create a whole lot of Web users are likely to exceed this limit. This spam e-mail addresses from users when you create a trust to protect their way of Gmail. The solution uses a different ISP, your Gmail address from another computer will go through the process of obtaining
Windows Live Mail or Gmail settings

This last bit is not for beginners, not experienced computer users.

On the computer that is running Windows Vista or Windows XP is? You can know and, Windows Live Mail and Microsoft's latest free e-mail program Gmail account settings from? Step-by-step by clicking the link holds

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