How to Make Free Blogger Web Site

  • How to Make Free Blogger Web Site
You must first have a free Blogger account is signing. Blogger does for the world to share their ideas easily with Google released a free tool. Blogger is simple, just a few minutes, text, photos, you can post video and other multimedia.

In addition, Blogger is free and easy to use, Google owns it, the authority has already built a Web site. Blogger is currently (as of this post) backlinks 61700000, PageRank is the Alexa ranking of 8 8. Currently, these statistics should not be used as the only way to determine the value of a domain is not set in stone, but it ranks among the competitors and how your domain is definitely provides a good idea of the type of traffic.
Blogger ordered to start, you must first create an account. Blogger's home page, the button "Create Your Blog Now" button.

In the following pages, Google will be asked to create an account. On other Google services, Google can use the account. You are already Gmail, Google Groups, or orkut from Google if you have probably account, please log in first. After you run it, type a display name, service Blogger must agree to the Terms of Service.
Once you use, you are prompted to start a blog, I'll finish this!

Create a blog link at the top of your list of blogs once click, logged in.
In Step 2,    the title and address (URL) Please enter. In addition, to ensure that the computer is not a real person and you will need to enter the verification word that appears on this page. Contine to the time, and then you're done:

In Step 3,    you can choose a template for your blog. This is the way that appears when you publish it. Next, Blogger to create a new blog, Blogspot reserves on the spot. As soon as you create your first post, your page will display the selected address. All ready to blog!
How do I switch between the templates?

After the first setup your blog easily, or even once your blog is set up you can change the templates to create your own custom template design. I suggest you change the template. Bloggers have a limited amount of free, I can use templates and are confident that you want to add your personal style to you.
Browse, download or a free Blogger templates, please check some of the following designs have been added recently. You need to download, please unzip the new Blogger continue templates

Switching, Blogger templates easy ... too easy:
A layout | HTML Editing Pickup:

You can download and then upload the template extracted on your local computer. Backup / Risutoatenpureto section, [Browse] button for a free Blogger template look. Hit open and then upload

Save the template correctly orange Template Once you have uploaded, click

That's it. Your complete.

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